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A Interview About Dissociative Identity Disorder Essay

For my ethnography project I chose to interview a childhood friend of mine who later in life was diagnosed with as multiple personalities. Today, the metal illness is known as Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). Living with multiple personalities is difficult for the individual, but also the family around them. Life can be strange or difficult at times, but like with any other mental disorder, learning how to cope and understand the disorder can help the individual and the people around them. For the purpose of this project I have changed my friend’s name to Charlene Garcia to protect her identity. Our phone interview took place throughout a couple weeks. While interviewing Charlene these past weeks, I have a better understanding of her mental illness and â€Å"her three sisters† (as she puts it). Knowing her for over thirty years, I look back and can understand the different moods. A lot of incidents made instantly sense. Personally, I just thought she was plain nuts. There are personal stories she has never shared with me, to include, her diagnoses of DID. Mostly from embarrassment and ill repute. Charlene was born in Dallas, Texas in 1972. She remembers a few things about her childhood, but has a hard time recollecting as a lot of pieces are missing. As a result of her parents’ divorce in 1974, Charlene and her siblings moved to Clovis, NM to live with her father and step-mother. In 1976, her mother drove to Clovis, kidnapped Charlene and her siblings and droveShow MoreRelatedDissociative Identity Disorder And Multiple Personality Disorder1384 Words   |  6 PagesDissociative Identity Disorder (DID for short and popularly known as multiple personality disorder) is one of the more fascinating and simultaneously terrifying of the formal mental disorders. Probably due in part to DID’s fantastic, almost unbelievable nature, it is also one of the more controversial disorders that has been formally included in the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders). In the most recent DSM, DSM-5, the signature criteria for DID is the â€Å"disruption of identityRead MoreDissociative Identity Disorder Essay832 Words   |  4 PagesDissociative identity disorder is a rare mental disorder that is characterized by an individual possessing two or more states of personality. This form of identity disorder is commonly caused by childhood traumas that fall under extreme, repetitive physical, sexual, or emotional abuse (American Psychiatric Association). A famous case of dissociative identity disorder followed the case of Shirley â€Å"Sybil† Mason, who was believed to suffer from female hysteria — an outdated medical diagnosis that wasRead MoreDissociative Identity Disorder ( Multiple Personality )1397 Words   |  6 PagesDissociative Identity Disorder can be difficult to diagnosis as mentioned before. However, a scale has been developed to help a professional with their diagnosis of individuals that may suffer from this mental illness. There have been many studies conducted to test the reliability and validity of this sca le. The scale is referred to as The Dissociative Experiences Scale (DES) and was developed to help measure dissociation in individuals. The Dissociative Experiences Scale is a twenty-eight item self-reportRead MoreBipolar Disorder : A Deep Rooted Sickness1527 Words   |  7 PagesBipolar disorder is a deep rooted sickness. Scenes of lunacy and depression in the long run can happen again in the event that you don t get treatment. Numerous individuals infrequently keep on having manifestations, even in the wake of getting treatment for their bipolar issue. Some types of bipolar issue are: Bipolar I disorder involves periods of severe mood episodes from mania to depression. Bipolar II issue is a milder type of state of mind height, including milder scenes of hypomania thatRead MoreMultiple Personality Disorder Essay1635 Words   |  7 PagesMultiple Personality Disorder Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) is a mental disease that exists in about one percent of the population. Much research supports the existence of this disease and its origins, causes and effects on the people in who suffer with it. This essay will clearly define Multiple Personality Disorder along with a detailed synopsis of the disease itself. The diagnosis, alter personalities, different treatments and views will indicate the disease is real. The AmericanRead MoreBenefits And Treatment Of Dissociative Identity Disorder1714 Words   |  7 Pages Diazepam Paired With Psychotherapy Dissociative Identity Disorder is a disorder that is hardly talked about, however has extreme effects on patients that suffer with it. However, this topic is important because it can lead to finding treatments that may be more effective for patients with DID. Past studies have shown that the main treatment for Dissociative Identity Disorder usually involves therapy. The most popular types of therapy are psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, and family therapyRead MoreDissociative Identity Disorder Among College Counseling Clients872 Words   |  4 Pages Dissociative Identity Disorder Jessica Whitworth Brown Mackie College â€Æ' Dissociative Identity Disorder Dissociative identity disorder can be diagnosed with, â€Å"the presence of two of more distinct identities or personalities states (each with its own relatively enduring pattern of perceiving, relating to, and thinking about the environment and self), b. at least two of these identities of personality states recurrently take control of the person’s behavior, c. inability to recall importantRead MoreSymptoms And Symptoms Of An Traumatic Stress Disorder971 Words   |  4 Pagestrauma is the common thread that runs through the amnesia associated with the following disorders: dissociative amnesia (the inability to recall significant personal information); fugue (memory loss accompanied by sudden, unexpected travel from home); dissociative identity disorder (the presence of two or more distinct personalities, with the inability to recall extensive time periods); and post-traumatic stress disorder (significant distress and memory disturbances following an extreme traumatic event) Read MoreWilliam Shakespeare s The Great Depression 1201 Words   |  5 Pagesshe suffers from a rare mental disorder, often referred to as multiple personality disorder. Sybil was not born with this mental disease either. Throughout Sybil s childhood she was abused by her mother. The actions of her mother have made an impact on who Sybil is today. Sybil knows she has suffered from blackouts. During these blackouts another alter, a â€Å"different person,† is presented. Each alter may have distinct traits, personal history, and ways of thinking about and relating to his or her surroundingsRead MoreDissociative Identity Disorder2296 Words   |  9 Pagesdefines dissociative identity disorder (DID) as the occurrence of a minimum of two different personalities and maybe more than two. It also clarifies that the switching between the distinct personalities can be observed by the individual who is suffering from dissociative identity disorder or witnessed by others. (Barlow, 20 14, P. 1). This disorder used to be known as multiple personality disorder, which is more recognized and understood to people without a psychology background. This disorder can be

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